Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foodiwant?

Foodiwant is an online food ordering company that allows you to order from local restaurants, as well as create spur-of-the-moment intimate group events and experiences, for your friends or family.

When will the platform be launched?

We are currently still trying to work out some small kinks for a soft launch this coming August. In preparation for the launch, we welcome you to create an account and tell a friend.

How do I use Foodiwant?

Ordering Through Foodiwant will be easier than placing a call.

Log on to our website from your computer or mobile device, or use our mobile app (available on android and IOS) to conveniently browse local restaurants. Choose a restaurant, browse their menu for delicious food, find something you'd love to try, add it to your tray, pick your delivery method (delivery, pick up, dine-in, or date-in), enter your payment information and submit your order. No holding, no waiting or incorrect orders!

What is Date-in?

Our Date-in service is our concierge in home catered service where we bring the restaurant to you. Stay in with the family and have a big dinner. Have your server deliver and serve your food at your own table, for complete convenience and comfort. Arrange a fun afternoon brunch in the backyard with your friends and arrange great food and service in a few clicks. Concierge service and clean-up.

Who is the date-in service for?

Our Date-in service is for diners that have a last minute or spontaneous need for food, personal service and an amazing dining experiences at your location of choice. Arrange Brunches, Special Occassions, Group Dates, Art Showing, holiday parties and anywhere else that you need good food and great service, fast and easy.

How do I Date-In?

Arranging a Date-in event or dinner will be simple, quick and easy. Invite your group of friends, browse our local restaurant partners for food the group would enjoy and place your orders. Once your group orders and service details are submitted, our Food Angels are alert and handles the rest.


Option 2: Find a personal chef in our network who will come to your location and cook something delicious, that goes from stove to plate. Try unique dishes and an amazing food experience to you and your group.

Why should I create an account?

First, it is completely free to join. With an account you will be able to find amazing food, avoid the usual hastles of ordering, get special discounts from local restaurants, be alerted of new restaurants in your neighborhood, and win amazing cash prizes from one of our revolving food promotions.

Are there any current promotions?

From now until December 31st, you can make a commission on every friend that you refer that signs up for a free account and places an order. You will make a commission from the first five (5) orders they make through the platform. Get your commission in cash or use it to order food from your favorite restaurant.

How do I add my restaurant?

It is easy and fast to become a partner. Complete a short form with some basic details about your restaurant. Once received, we will contact you to confirm your business information and activate your restaurant within 48 hours. After being activated, you will be able to manage your menu and take orders, and be one step closer to optimizing your business for the future

Does it cost anything to add my restaurant?

It is absolutely free to become a partner. You can grow your brand unhindered by fees and hidden costs. We won't make a penny until you do, and it wouldn't feel right to.

Why should I add my restaurant?

The 83 million millenials who each spend an average of $2921 annually on dining out, love convenience, options, transparency and speed. They will get all of that from you when you partner with us. Along with that, you will get access to other resources to help you save money, manage your staff and business more efficiently, increase revenue and build your business for the future.

How do I become a Food Angel?

It's easy to become a Food Angel as a server or chef. Go to our sign up page and begin creating an account by entering the best email to contact you and a secure password.  You will then be asked for some additional basic information to build your profile, and to do a background check. Once that step is done, you will be able to complete your profile to begin building your personal brand to earn a great income.

Why should I become a Food Angel?

Great income: As a Food Angel, you will be able to earn a great second or first income by delivering food, great experiences and smiles to customers. 

Bonuses and Prizes: With the Foodiwant network, great service is rewarded. Along with increasing your earnings the higher your rating is on Foodiwant, the best rated Angels will get cash bonuses and other great benefits.

Build a personal brand: Build a strong personal brand as a server or a chef that will allow you to increase your independent earnings on our platform, and boost your hiring potential to restaurants and event organizers looking to hire excellent staff.