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What is Foodiwant?




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Foodiwant User Guide  » About Foodiwant

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Foodiwant is a gig-based food ordering marketplace that offers concierge catering and on-demand staffing to restaurants. The concept is geared towards helping restaurants and caterers increase catering orders, and provide food service providers (Servers and Personal Chefs) with opportunity to find private and corporate based gigs.


Helping Restaurants and Caterers


Restaurants and caterers on the platform will benefit from a wide range of customers seeking to place group and catering orders for a variety of dining activities. Examples of activities that customers will order food for includes;

  • Family or Dinner parties.
  • Corporate meetings and office events.
  • Special sales promotions.
  • Business and networking events.
  • Restaurant concept testing.
  • Pop-up parties, and much more.

Create an account today and grow your revenue on the only experience driven catering marketplace.


Helping Servers and Personal Chefs


Along with finding great paying gigs working in the settings named above, as well as in a variety of others, Servers and Chefs have the ability to build their personal brands and develop their own client list that they can leverage to maximize income.

The benefits of being a Foodiwant food service partner includes;

  • More income generating opportunities
  • More control over time and schedule
  • Option to work in different settings
  • Ability to build own client base