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What will I do as a concierge server?

You have tremendous flexibility working as a concierge server on the Foodiwant platform. On the marketplace you have the option of working with Private and Corporate clients in different settings.

Some examples of the types of gigs and serving clients you will have include;

  • Restaurants where you will fill in for absent employees, help during peak hours or help with special promotions.
  • Caterers who you will help with activities such as preparing for catering jobs or serving event guests.
  • Businesses that will be requiring serving assistance at office parties, meetings, conducting special promotions, client lunches, among other corporate events.
  • Private clients that will seek concierge service for family dinners, brunch parties, special events and other group gatherings.
  • Future Restaurateurs looking to test their concepts before bringing it to market or to begin developing their brand.




Benefits of being Concierge Server

  • Free & No Obligation - The platform is free to join and use. Your only investment is your quality service and professionalism
  • More Income - You can develop and primary or secondary source of income.
  • More Control - Owning your own brand means you can choose the when and where you work.
  • Service Reward - The better your service is on the platform the more you can earn.
  • Quarterly prizes - The best service providers on the platform will get recognition, along with chances to win amazing cash and other prizes.