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How can FoodiWant help to grow your restaurant or catering business?

We’re glad you asked, and welcome!

In a sentence, to answer your question. We can help you drive catering sales with more off-premise service options, and we can bring groups to you to dine.

We provide customers the means to order for their groups,in different settings, which drives catering orders to our partners. Stick with us for two minutes and you will see why you should become a partner.



FoodiWant is a new concept that is aimed at helping diners easily create group dining experiences. These dining experiences include

  • Brunch dates at home or restaurant
  • Family and dinner parties
  • Office meetings and company parties
  • Networking events and conventions
  • Good old fashion house parties
  • Picnics and pop-up parties
  • Daily office lunches

There are numerous ways for customers to use the platform with their associates, friends and family.


What does that mean for business?  

That means more catering sized orders for you as a partner. As a restaurant owner, you may be fully aware that customer demand is quickly shifting to more off-premise settings. This includes more pickup, delivery and catering orders. Sometimes diners just want to kick back, eat and do nothing else but breath. We’ve all been there.

Giving customers the option to easily dine in groups when and where they want, gives your business the option of capturing more orders from customers looking for good food and a good time, plus convenience.

Don't let a competitor satisfy your customers in ways you refuse to.



How does it work?

It’s simple really. Here is a quick break down of a sample order.

  • A Customer searches and finds you on the platform
  • They order from your restaurant for a group of 10
  • Customer selects Concierge Catering as the service type
  • Customer pays and you receive the order details
  • Customer Selects a Concierge Server partner to perform service
  • On the date of the order, you prepare the food
  • The concierge server picks up the food, delivers it to the customer and waits on them like they were sitting right there in your restaurant.

This is a great way to easily extend your services and connect with a wider variety of customers. And of course, grow your catering business and overall revenue.

Become a partner today and start growing business