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Foodiwant is geared towards helping you build and mange your own brand to maximize your income, and build your following of customers. We aggressively market the partners on the platform to drive them business. It is completely FREE to build a begin building and using your account.

Cook up convenient and great experiences

Diners are getting increasingly busy with their day to day lives, but still crave the delicious taste of a well cooked home meal for themselves, and for their families. Other times they just wish to unwind and have an amazing experience with friends at a fabulous dinner party.

We welcome talented chefs with a deep passion for food and a love for making people happy, who can help diners manage their meal preparations needs.

If you are a talented chef and know your way around the kitchen, join us and Build Your Brand as a Personal Chef.

What types of assignments will I get?

You will have your pick of residential and corporate clients looking to arrange; Dinner parties, Family Gatherings, Corporate parties, Networking Events, Special Promotions, Special Occasions, and many other ways to build your brand and generate revenue.


Reasons to join today

As a food partner on Foodiwant you will get;

Free & No Obligation - The platform is absolutely free to join and use. Your only investment is your quality service, delicious food and professionalism 

Free Marketing - We employ a myriad of marketing strategies to ensure that the brands on the platform are locally highlighted.

Free Leads - We find customers that crave taste, experience and quality for you to build and maintain your client list to drive revenue.

Resources - Our goal is to help you build and maximize the potential of your brand. We will continuously provide additional features, on and offline resources, and other information to our partners to help build their brands.

A Community - The most important thing that you get is the chance start friendships and network with others in the food industry. Build your brand and a support system that will help you maximize your results.



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    Invite the people you know to join the platform. They get the chance to easily use your services and you get a commission from their other purchases as well.