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With this experiential dining platform we hope to bring diners  delicious quality food and memorable experiences that can change a bad day into a good one.

We are looking to

  • Highlight quality food from local restaurants
  • Support small local restaurants and help them grow
  • Make it easier for food lovers to have experiential dining experiences.
  • Build a community for food service workers that offers them a chance to build a support system among other industry professionals, in efforts to fight the spread of depression in the industry.

Join us in building a food community that is a gold mine for diners looking for good food and an experience, and a safe haven for food service workers.

How do I generate income as an Influence or Brand Ambassador?

You get a number of ways to generate revenue through the platform

  • Commission from each purchase an active referral makes through the platform, for a year.
  • Revenue from creating unique micro-events using those represented restaurants or chef, and our concierge caters.
  • Commission from partners that you invite to the platform.
  • Plus more ways to come.

Help us build a food community with a good cause and while building your brand and generating great recurring income.