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Why become a Foodiwant Partner?

Foodiwant was created to be a resource for restaurants and food industry professionals. With unprecedented events occurring, drastically affecting the restaurant industry. Let us help you maintain business and prepare for future growth.


We aggressively market the partners on our platform to drive  business and increase their customer base. It is completely FREE to open your virtual restaurant and begin setting up. Contact us today to get started.

Bringing your restaurant online

The risk of getting sick, along with social distancing, is threatening millions of restaurants with imminent failure. Business across the world are in a state of panic with this catastrophic event.  

The Foodiwant platform is aimed at giving restaurants an online marketplace to continue serving the the customers that love and crave your food. 

Reasons to join today

The Foodiwant marketplace offers numerous benefits to help you build your brand, increase your exposure, and drive orders. Utilize the platform in a number of ways  

More Local Exposure - Submit your restaurant to the Food directory for local customers to find you. 

Expand your off-premise reach - Utilize the tools on the Foodiwant platform to interact with customer and deliver your services. 

Get more orders - Provide your customers with more options to order and get more group orders.

Per-Diem Staffing - Create a list of per-diem staff that you can utilize when needed for order surges or group deliveries.

It's Free to begin! - Getting started on the platform is easy and free. Create an account, or get contact us to create it for you.


Build your brand with us and let us help you maintain business during this hard time, and rebuild for growth once the market returns to normal